What to know about the next Apple Watch

The next Apple watch will have a touchscreen.

It’ll have a water resistance that’s up to 20 times more effective than a traditional watch, and the display will look gorgeous on a regular smartphone.

It’s a bold promise, but one that’s a little too early to make too many assumptions about its performance.

But we’ll be testing the next iteration of Apple’s Watch, and we’re looking forward to the final product.

The first generation Apple Watch, introduced in July, was an improvement over the iPhone 5s’ design, but it lacked a dedicated battery to power it.

The new version, codenamed the Apple Watch Series 3, will feature a battery-free design, a built-in camera, and a dual-lens design.

The Series 3 will also come with a built in speaker, a 3-inch display, and an OLED screen.

There are also a few design tweaks, like an OLED back cover.

The Apple Watch series 3 will cost $199 when it launches on August 16, 2018, or $349 when it arrives on September 12, 2018.

Apple’s first watch, the iPhone 6, sold for $329 in the United States and $399 in Canada.

The second-generation Apple Watch will cost the same price, at $399.99.

That’s a pretty steep price for an Apple watch, but the Series 3 looks like a more refined product.

It will have four-watt speakers and a 13-megapixel camera, but that’s about it.

It won’t have a dedicated charger, and it won’t be compatible with any wireless charging accessories, like a USB Type-C.

It also won’t come with Apple Pay, but there’s a chance that it will.

The next iteration will be more powerful and feature a larger display, a higher resolution OLED screen, and more power for charging.

We’ve already had some time with the Series 4, but we’re waiting to see how well it performs in real-world conditions.

For now, the Series 5 is expected to come out sometime in 2018.

The watch will also have more battery life, a new design, and some new hardware features.

It is expected that the Series 6 will follow in the next year or two.

We’ll be waiting to hear more about the Series 7 when it’s released.

The series is expected in late 2019.

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