‘Lucky for me’ – Ford Focus ‘lucky for my family’

Focus, a Ford company that makes the Focus hatchback, will be returning to the US market in the new year.

The company said it will have a focus on local and regional manufacturing.

Focus has produced over 10 million cars globally, and its vehicles have earned the attention of the American public for their stylish design and comfort.

Focus was formed in 2005 in the UK and has since expanded into the US and Europe.

“Lucky” is an expression of the Focus’ success and the fact that Ford Focus owners have earned millions of dollars by keeping their cars running.

“The Ford Focus hatch is a true American icon.

It is a vehicle that brings the best of the past with it into the present day.

We believe that we are fortunate for our families, and for the many generations that have come before us, that the Focus has remained the vehicle of choice for many families,” said Paul LeBlanc, Ford’s global head of product management, in a statement.

Focus will be back in the US in the 2017 model year, but in the second half of the year it will focus on new product launches and new products for the US.

Ford Focus will now be available in North America starting in January 2018.

Ford said Focus will have “an extensive lineup of new products and services to help consumers and businesses feel as good about their car as we do.”

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