US Open: Davis takes on the top seed in Wimbledon

Tennis champion Rafael Nadal has taken on the No. 2 seed, No. 3 seed and No. 4 seed in the women’s singles title race in Wimnese, with the top four seed in each group.

Davis will have a tough time of it against the No 5 seed, who is ranked No. 1 by many and could very well be the winner.

In the men’s singles, the No 3 seed has a chance to become the No 1 seed, while the No 2 seeds in the men are the No 4 and No 5 seeds.

The women’s doubles is the same as it was in 2014, but Davis has a shot at the title.

The US Open on Tuesday is the first major tournament since Davis was a teenager to feature an eight-person match.

Davis, who was a freshman at New York University in 2013, defeated the No 6 seed, former No. 10, Eugenie Bouchard, 5-2, 6-2 in the final at New Jersey’s Barclays Center.

The No. 7 seed, Laura Robson, lost to Bouchards, 5.6 6-4, 6.2 6-3, and the No 8 seed, Anna Nairn, lost 6-5, 6 2, 6 6-6, 6 3, 6 4, 6 5, 6 7.

In singles, No 4 seed Serena Williams beat the No 7 seed Petra Kvitova, 7-6 7-4 7-3 in a tiebreak.

The winner will face No. 6 seed Anastasia Pavlyuchenko in the semifinals.

In doubles, No 2 seed Novak Djokovic beat No. 5 seed Petra Kuipers, 7 7-7, 6 1, 6 0-7.

The winners will face each other in the third round.

The tournament is the final major event of the year before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Davis has won eight majors since her freshman year at New Mexico State, and was No. 14 in the world rankings when she was born.

She is the only American woman to win the women, men, and doubles titles in the same year.

She will play the No 9 seed, Joanna Konta, in the opening round on Tuesday.

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