When Ford Focus hatchback will hit the UK market

Focus hatchbacks have always been on the rise.

The carmaker has always had an affinity for the concept and the hatchback concept has been a mainstay of the company’s showrooms since it was introduced in 1986.

This time, however, Focus will be joining the hatchbacks on the UK’s road network, and the brand has confirmed that the first models will be revealed in 2019.

The Focus hatch will sport a front grille, a rear wing, and a spoiler.

The hatchback’s design also will be updated with a front spoiler and rear diffuser.

The new model will be available in a range of colours, with a base model being available in black and silver.

Focus has said that the new model is the first hatchback that will feature the Ford Focus nameplate, which is used by the carmaker in its marketing efforts.

The nameplate has become so popular that Ford has decided to drop the “Ford” and make the nameplate “Focus”.

Focus has also announced a new model for 2019, the Ford Fiesta ST.

This hatchback is a direct competitor to the Ford F-150 and Focus ST.

Focus will not only be available with a new front grill, but will also be fitted with a 3.7-liter EcoBoost engine with a 4-cylinder turbocharged four-cylinders.

This is the same engine used in the Ford Ranger.

The Fiesta ST will be the first Fiesta hatchback to be fitted in the UK, although Focus will also offer an alternative to the Fiesta ST, the Focus ST Convertible.

Focus Focus Hatchback Specs: Model Number: FE20-1601 Engine Type: EcoBoost/Hybrid-electric (Econ) / Turbocharged (Hybrid) Transmission: 4-speed automatic Weight: 2,094kg (5,766lb) / 2,560kg (7,053lb) Gross Vehicle Weight: 4,900kg (8,946lb) Fuel Capacity: 18.4 litres (56.4gal) EPA: 17.9/23/24 mpg City/Highway: 21/24 km/h (20/25mph) Fuel Economy: 23/27/30mpg (25/30/35) Road/City MPG: 22/27 / 29mpg EPA: 24/27 mpg Range: 160 miles (240km) Braking: 0-60mph (2.5sec) Top Speed: 155mph (270km/h) Wheelbase: 84.9in (1,064mm) Power-to-Weight: 1,050lb (900kg) Torque-to -0-60 mph (4.3sec) Traction-to.front: 0.98g (1.3Nm) Brake-to.-front: 4.1g (2Nm); 0-100km/hr: 2.7sec; 0-200km/hour: 2sec Transmission Type: Automatic Engine: 3.6L EcoBoost (Hybr) Transmission Size: 7 Speed (7 gears) Fuel Type: Diesel EPA: 20/25 mpg (25 mPG) Range: 210 miles (244km) EPA Rating: 18 mpg city, 21 mpg highway, 27 mpg combined/combined range/combustion city/highway

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