Manatees ‘can’t wait’ for more wildlife as rain showers hit Perth

Manatee River dolphins will not wait for the weather to change.

The wet weather has already brought some rain to the northern region of the island state and many locals are waiting for rain to arrive on the western side of the river this week.

Key points:A rain shower is expected to hit the island nation on Wednesday eveningThe forecast for rain showers in WA’s north has not been confirmed yet but is expected for the week of March 16-17Manatee Island’s water body is in danger of breaking apart as a result of the recent heavy rainfallThe state government is now looking to help restore the island’s water qualityManatees have been left reeling by a combination of poor water quality and flooding from the last few weeks.

A drought has hit the south of the state and is affecting the water supply for more than 2,500 people.

“The water quality in the north of the islands has been really poor and there has been some water pollution,” Dr Chris Johnson said.

“People have been affected by it, people who work in the farming sector have had to go and find new water.”

The drought has caused damage to properties and forced businesses to cut back on their water use.

Water pollution is also being seen in the bush.

The Manateean Department of Primary Industries is asking for donations to help fund a new facility for Manateem Aquatic Park, which was recently set up in the Manateey National Park.

It is the latest of many infrastructure projects that have been put on hold.

The department is looking to find new funding for the project.

“They’ve been looking for a new site to put this new park, so we’re hoping that that will be able to come through,” Mr Johnson said

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