Why the Nike Mamba Focus Factor Kids Shoes are so fun to wear

Focus factor is a brand new concept in kids shoes, and it’s been making its debut on the Nike Kobe LeBron 4 line.

The shoe features the Nike Focus Factor™, a unique design that gives kids the ability to concentrate on the task at hand without any distractions.

The Nike Mambo Focus Factor® sneakers are available in three different colors, which can be found on both men’s and women’s lines.

To get the most out of the shoe, the focus factor is paired with a special Nike Mango™, which is a special color combination that combines with the shoe’s iconic blue ford.

The Nike Mambas focus factor shoes have been in the works since 2014, and the first pair was released in 2016.

The new pairs feature a new design that is very similar to the original pair, and also incorporate an extra-long rubber sole for better grip.

The shoes also have an innovative new focus factor, which works in conjunction with the Mamba™ heel support system.

The focus factor works by using a unique system to help focus your footwork and provide an instant grip to your heel.

When the shoe is placed over the heel, a magnetic pad on the inside of the toe attaches to the shoe and prevents it from slipping.

This helps you stay balanced and the heel support stays put.

This new system also helps to keep the shoe stable during long runs and other demanding workouts.

You can adjust the focus on your feet in just a few minutes.

The new pairs also have a new color, a blue forde, which pairs with the new shoes.

The Focus factor can be purchased in a variety of colors, but the focus is best seen when wearing the Nike LeBron 4 with a pair of Nike Mamo shoes.

The shoes have a white upper, black lower, and a grey tongue.

It is available in black, blue, pink, green, purple, red, or red/black, and is available at select Nike retailers.

You can also find the Focus factor in the Nike Elite Series, which includes the Kobe LeBron 3, the Nike Air Max 1, and other sneakers.

The focus factor has been in use for a few years now, but this new design gives kids a whole new perspective on their footwear.

The design and functionality of the shoes are simple and fun to use, and kids will enjoy wearing these for their daily exercise.

If you want to try it out, make sure you head over to Nike to order the new pair.

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