Which one of you is the best crystal for focusing your eyes on a picture?

An Israeli man who wants to focus his eyes on an image of a man sitting in front of a fire is a devotee of the crystal, but it seems he’s also looking for a better choice for the focus than the one he already has.

The Jerusalem post reported Monday that Shlomo Shmuel has been using the Ettori crystals for years, and he is currently using them on his wife’s wedding ring.

The Israeli man, who lives in the coastal city of Mezo, is a regular customer of the crystals, which he also uses for the focusing process, but he was looking for something a little more modern.

He told the Jerusalem Post that he first noticed the crystals’ quality when he received his first crystal from a company called Gedikat Shmura, a small business that sells crystals in Israel.

The company, which specializes in “high quality crystals” and sells to private clients, sells only the Etsori crystals.

Shmiel said he had bought two of the four crystals for his wife and a few other friends, and they were among the most “quality crystals” he had ever seen.

He said that the two Etsorias he bought were “beautiful” and that they are a “good choice.”

But he said that his wife didn’t buy any of them.

He explained that she had bought them because they were “like a beautiful crystal.”

He said she was “not aware of this [price] difference,” adding that he would have to take his own advice on how to spend the money he gets from the company.

However, when he told the paper that he was a regular client, he received a different response.

He was told that he had to “pay a higher price,” and that it would be “a pity if he doesn’t” pay a higher one.

“So, I told them to tell me what I should pay and what it would cost,” Shmul told the Post.

He then said he would tell his wife that the company would send him a “better crystal,” but that she should take it because it was “more expensive.”

The paper reported that the crystal seller told him that the price difference was “the price of a different quality crystal,” and he was told he was “too stupid” to pay that price.

Shmeri, a spokesperson for Gedikhat Shmuna, told the newspaper that the Erets and Etsors are “not interchangeable.”

He added that the “price is just the difference in quality.”

“We can’t accept a price that is too low,” she said.

Shmuni said that Geditshad will send the buyer a “quality crystal that is a better quality” one and “one that is not inferior to the other.”

The company declined to comment on whether the company had received any complaints about the price of the other two Erets or EtsORS, the paper reported.

The article also mentioned a blog post published on the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect the rights of the internet users who have been targeted by the government’s surveillance.

According to the article, “There’s no guarantee that the government won’t steal your data, so make sure that you can’t keep it.”

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