WESTERN CONFERENCE: Georgia state to host conference focused on education


(AP) – Georgia is hosting a conference focused solely on education on Saturday in what would be the first major state to embrace a statewide online curriculum.

The initiative comes after a federal court ruled that the state’s online-only system was unconstitutional because it discriminated against students with disabilities.

The conference, hosted by the state Board of Education, will focus on online education in a series of panels.

The agenda is to cover everything from the challenges faced by students with learning disabilities to the challenges facing the state of Georgia as it tries to attract students with special needs.

The state’s public schools have struggled to attract more students with intellectual disabilities, particularly those with autism and developmental disabilities.

The state’s flagship school system, the Georgia Institute of Technology, recently lost one of its five academic leaders to the federal government.

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal signed a bill into law in 2016 that called for creating a statewide digital-only program to meet the needs of students with developmental disabilities and autism.

The law calls for online instruction for students with limited English proficiency.

But some parents have said they are unhappy with the limited options for online learning.

Georgia has some of the most advanced online-focused education systems in the country.

It has a massive online-first program called Georgia Tech, where students can complete assignments online and complete online classes in a single day.

The school system has over 100,000 students with digital disabilities.

It also has a large, federally funded online-enabled learning program called the Advanced Learning Technology Initiative, which is available to all students.

But state law prohibits online instruction that has a “comparatively low or no instructional value” and requires teachers to provide students with the most effective means of learning.

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