Hardee’s focus on sustainability is the key to a great future

Hardee, the makers of the Hardee Classic and Hardee Powerball, is betting its future on the future of sustainable eating.

The company announced Tuesday that it is investing in sustainability through a new sustainability initiative.

The new initiative, dubbed The Hardee Challenge, will be a collaboration between the company and the Green Economy Fund.

Hardee CEO Doug McMillon announced the partnership during a press conference Tuesday at the company’s headquarters in Burbank, California.

In addition to the new initiative the company will be developing its own food sustainability initiatives to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable, sustainable-food economy.

The Hardees initiative will provide an opportunity to all of our brands and restaurants to grow and expand on the value of sustainability and to help achieve a sustainable future.

The brand has a longstanding history of investing in sustainable food and is committed to doing the same with its own brands.

“The future of the food industry and our world is at stake,” McMillon said.

“We’ve made it clear that if we don’t start taking action now, our future is at risk.”

The new partnership will focus on creating a platform for partners, consumers and consumers around the world to come together and share their ideas on sustainable eating, according to McMillon.

For the Hardees, sustainability is about creating great food, he said.

The partnership will involve the company hosting three days of talks, two on the challenges and one on the solutions to sustainable eating in 2020 and 2021.

The first day will take place in the company headquarters, where the Hardefys new sustainability program will be unveiled.

On the second day, the team will share their strategies for developing sustainable food at home, and the third day will be held at an international conference, McMillon added.

The collaboration will also include a public launch of the initiative, which will include a series of online and offline events.

McMillon described the partnership as a “game changer” and said it will help all of Hardee and its partners to reach their sustainability goals.

“Hardee is committed for the next 100 years to improving the food we eat,” McMillard said.

He also said that the company is investing $5 billion into the Green Energy Fund, which supports food and beverage companies that want to shift their food production away from landfills.

“As consumers, we have a responsibility to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products,” McMillion said.

McMillion noted that while he is a fan of McDonald’s, the company has not yet committed to sustainability.

“McDonald’s has made some big moves and made some significant changes in the food they use,” McMillian said.

However, he noted that the Green Innovation Fund, founded by McDonalds, is committed toward supporting companies that are committed to sustainable food production and distribution.

“Our partners in the Green Investment Fund have been working on a shared vision to create an open, safe, and sustainable food system and to support companies that embrace it,” McMillons said.

Hardees CEO and co-founder Doug McMillon announced the new partnership during an interview on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ on Tuesday.

Here’s more from McMillon on the new sustainable partnership: “I’m thrilled to partner with The Harde Challenge to help drive a vision for sustainability in our restaurant business that is grounded in the vision of our founders: ‘Make the Harde.

Make the Hardé.

Make Hardee,'” McMillon told CNBC.

“When we say make the Hardée, that means make it right, not just the best in the world, but the best you can make, period.

That is what we’re working on.”

McMillon also shared the companys vision to invest in its local communities.

“It’s about working together, and with partners around the country and the world,” he said, referring to the Green Fund and the partnership with the Green Initiative.

McMillison added that he believes the partnership will lead to “the next 100 yrs” of progress in sustainability.

He described the new initiatives as “the most powerful food innovation ever,” noting that it will be one of the first initiatives of its kind.

The initiative is expected to be completed by 2019.

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Hardie Challenge aims to bring about a better future for the people of Hardees home city, Burbank McMillion said. 

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

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