Ford Focus Focus Focus ST: New video of driver at rest of the car

The new Focus Focus looks like a cross between the new Focus S and the outgoing Focus.

But the biggest change is in the dashboard.

Instead of a giant dash panel, the Focus has a small dash panel with a small screen that shows a lot of information at once.

And instead of a central navigation screen, the new one has a smaller navigation screen with a larger one, giving you more information in a smaller space.

The new dashboard also has a more attractive design.

For instance, there are two small windows on either side of the dash that can be used for your phone, a calendar, or other apps.

The phone button on the right side of your dash is still there, and the new dash also has two buttons at the bottom that make it easier to scroll through your phone.

The navigation screen has also been updated, and it’s now more prominent.

We’ve seen some improvements in the steering wheel, which is a nice touch.

The steering wheel also has more room to move around, which makes it easier for you to reach things on the road, which can be a challenge for a compact car.

The redesigned center console has also received a facelift, and there are more space for your seat and backrest.

Overall, we’re impressed by the new Fusion’s cabin.

There’s a lot more legroom and the seats feel much more spacious than the outgoing Fusion, which also has the same interior.

The Fusion has a bigger trunk than the Focus and the Focus S, but we like the extra space.

We also like the smaller instrument cluster.

The infotainment system in the Fusion has been improved.

There are now three different screen sizes: Standard, Sport, and Eco.

The Sport screen has a larger display, and this screen is bigger than the standard screen.

It also has an extra button for voice control, which we like because it’s easier to use than the voice command buttons on the Focus.

The Eco screen has the larger screen, and we like this screen because it has a better view of your surroundings.

We liked the Sport screen’s view better than the Eco screen’s because it made it easier and more convenient to see what the car is doing.

The touchscreen on the Fusion is much smaller and easier to read than the one on the Ford Focus.

We think the Fusion’s touchscreen is a lot better than that on the Honda Civic.

The interior is much better.

The Focus has an improved infotactry system and new seat designs.

You get a more comfortable, spacious cabin that’s much nicer to drive in than the Fusion.

You can use your phone in the Focus’s touchscreen and in the Eco-taste mode, which adjusts the sound to your taste.

There is also a smaller screen in the center of the dashboard that you can use to adjust the sound levels in the interior.

There isn’t much of a screen for voice commands, but you can have the Focus on the go.

It’s easier for a driver to use voice commands when there’s a larger screen to use the phone in.

We like the new design of the Fusion because it allows you to use your smartphone while driving.

We found the touchscreen to be easier to operate and use than in the previous model.

We’d also like to see more storage in the new car, especially if you want to store movies and music.

The Infotainment System The InfoVoice interface is more familiar to the Focus, but it’s also easier to navigate.

The Fords infotacts are much easier to understand, because they are easier to type.

The Navigation System is still a bit behind the Ford Fusion, but the new navigation screen is better and more detailed.

The voice commands and the voice control buttons are still easier to find than in previous Focus models.

We appreciate the new screen size and the extra button.

The center console now has more space.

It can also hold a phone.

In the new version, you can place the phone at the top or bottom of the screen for navigation.

The dashboard has been redesigned.

The dash now has a new layout with two large windows that can have multiple functions at the same time.

You have a bigger display, which allows you a more usable view of the road ahead.

The rear view mirrors can be removed, and you can see through the glass, which works well for navigating in snow or rain.

The larger display also makes it easy to navigate when you need to use a map.

The front seats can be adjusted for a more traditional look, which the Focus doesn’t have.

We recommend you use the new front seats.

The instrument cluster has been upgraded.

There now are three different screens for music, navigation, and audio.

You now get a smaller display that lets you use your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone as a navigation screen.

The music screen is a bit larger, so you can more easily see what music is playing, but in the car, it doesn’t take up much space.

In fact, we

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