How to pick the top college football games for next year

The College Football Playoff is coming to college football in 2017.

But while many teams will be playing at a higher level, the other seven teams will have to do a better job to be competitive for a spot.

The following is a breakdown of the College Football playoff’s matchups this year and how to pick out the games you want to watch.1.

Ohio State vs. Nebraska- The Buckeyes have been a top-15 team since the 2015 season.

They’ve lost four of their last five and have been eliminated from the playoff in three of the past four seasons.

They’re looking to get back to the postseason, but will need to be more aggressive against their conference opponents.2.

Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma State- The Fighting Irish are currently tied for the top spot in the Big 12 standings with Oklahoma State.

They have beaten two of their four opponents this season and are currently the defending conference champions.3.

Michigan vs. Wisconsin- The Badgers are still a top 25 team in the country.

They are still coming off a win over a top 10 team, and they have a lot of talent.

They should be able to put up points against their foes.4.

Baylor vs. West Virginia- The Bears are currently in a tight battle with West Virginia.

They haven’t won a game all season, but they’ve won three in a row and will need their defense to come through in order to avoid a third straight loss.5.

Alabama vs. Clemson- The Tigers are a top four team in our rankings, but Clemson is coming off its biggest upset of the season and could be in trouble in its final five games.6.

Oklahoma vs. Notre D- Notre Dame is currently tied with Oklahoma for the best team in this season’s playoff rankings.

Oklahoma has won six straight games and will be looking to improve its record against the Fighting Irish.7.

Washington State vs: LSU- The Cougars have the most wins of any team in college football, and if they can’t get past Washington State, they will be in real trouble.8.

Georgia vs. Virginia Tech- The Hokies have won four of five and will look to get past Virginia Tech for the first time since 2002.9.

Georgia Tech vs. South Carolina- The Gamecocks have been great in the ACC and will likely be in the hunt for the ACC’s final playoff spot.10.

Florida vs. LSU-The Gators have lost four straight and are coming off their worst season since 2009.

The Tigers and Bulldogs are in a battle of the two best teams in the SEC East.11.

Iowa vs. Tennessee- The Cyclones have a great defensive unit that should help the Cyclones in their quest to get into the playoff.12.

UCLA vs. USC- The Trojans will be facing a very talented USC team.

The Trogs are in real contention for a top five spot in our final rankings.13.

Florida State vs Tennessee- After winning three straight, the Seminoles are coming back home to face the Vols.14.

Clemson vs. Miami-The Tigers are in good shape heading into their final five contests, and could use a boost against a good Miami team.15.

Iowa State vs Penn State- If Iowa State can beat Penn State, it could be the most difficult game of the year for Penn State.16.

Stanford vs. UCLA- The Cardinal are in their last season in the Pac-12.

They could be able’t handle UCLA.17.

Michigan State vs Notre Dame- Michigan State has won three straight games against Notre Dame.

If the Fighting Sioux can get past Michigan, they’ll be in contention for the conference title.18.

Florida Atlantic vs. Boston College- The Eagles have won two straight and have a chance to get in with a win.19.

Georgia Southern vs. Florida Gators- The Bulldogs are currently sitting at No. 15 in our preseason rankings.20.

Oklahoma at LSU- If the Sooners can get their season back on track against LSU, they could be one of the contenders for the SEC title.21.

Michigan at Georgia Tech- Georgia Tech is in the midst of a rebuild and has some serious talent, but it needs a win against the Commodores.22.

Nebraska vs. Texas A&M- Both teams are in the middle of a rivalry.

The Aggies will be trying to get their first win over the Aggies since 2010.23.

Penn State vs Clemson- Both are in need of a win to make a bid for the BCS title.24.

Alabama at Auburn- Both will be needing a win in the Auburn-inspired rivalry.25.

Michigan-Alabama- Michigan is in a playoff spot, and both will need a win for the national championship.26.

TCU at Oklahoma- The Horned Frogs will be on a bye in the final two weeks of the regular season.27.

Notre Duke vs. Missouri State- Both sides

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