How to watch the Fiddlehead festival in the UK

Focus Brevard, a major music festival in Florida, has announced a $20,000 prize to “help create the world’s first Fiddleheads museum” in a bid to help encourage the city’s “young musicians to continue to perform and collaborate”.

The festival, which was started in 2009, will take place this year on February 27 and 28.

“This is a great opportunity for the City of Brevard to be the next Fiddle Heads Museum,” festival organizer Jim Dallman said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to announce a $40,000 reward to help support the creation of a museum in Brevard that celebrates the music of the Fiddlers and celebrates their contributions to the city and region.”

The festival will feature an array of performers, from country and western acts to indie acts.

“Brevard is a musical town,” festival founder and president Tom Miller said in the statement.

The festival is set to feature local artists and performers from across the US, as well as Canada, Mexico and the UK.

“The festival is a way for the city to show its appreciation for the music and culture of Breveards native musicians, and we want to make it a destination that everyone can experience and appreciate,” Miller said.

The organizers also said that, a website dedicated to the festival, will have the first 100 Fiddle Head badges in Brevis on February 28.

It will launch the Fiddlerhead festival on March 1, with the Fiddles performing live from 7-11pm on the first night of the festival.

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