How to fix the focus bug on the new Ford Focus 2002

The Ford Focus is the latest car to have a focus camera that makes it easier to pinpoint focus.

Ford says the camera uses a laser to measure the distance to the subject of the picture.

If you look closely at the Focus camera you can see that it uses the same camera as the iPhone’s camera.

The Focus camera is so precise, the Focus 2002’s Focus button only has to be pressed once.

So the Focus 2003 uses the Focus button and doesn’t have to press the Focus feature twice.

The Focus button on the Focus 2000.

Ford Focus camera.

Ford says it has found that some focus bugs can be fixed by pressing the Focus mode button once.

If the focus camera is correctly calibrated, it should only take a few seconds for the camera to capture the correct focus.

Ford says it is working on making the Focus 2004 and Focus 2005 focus cameras so that it is easier to fix bugs in the future.

Focus camera software that can help fix Focus bug.

Ford Focus camera software.

Ford’s Focus camera can only be turned on or off at the touch of a button.

The focus camera can be turned off or on with the shift key, but it’s not quite as precise as the Focus on the iPhone.

To fix focus bugs on the Ford Focus, Ford says you can do two things.

First, use the Shift key to toggle Focus mode.

Second, use your thumb to rotate the Focus lens.

It is possible to fix focus on the focus lens by turning the focus wheel in the opposite direction.

Hold the shift button and press the Shift button twice, then turn the Focus wheel in that direction.

The camera can also be turned ON, OFF, or the same way it’s always been.

It’s always ON.

The next version of Ford Focus software, which will be available later this year, will be easier to use, Ford said.

Ford is also releasing an updated version of its Focus software that will make it easier for drivers to fix their focus bugs.

The new Focus software will be a single click away from drivers on the road.

It is also easier to diagnose and fix Focus bugs.

Ford said the Focus focus camera software will also be more intuitive to use than the previous version, which was very confusing.

Ford has also created a Focus website that will allow users to view and compare the Focus hardware with other cars and trucks.

Ford said the website will include links to the latest firmware updates and bug fixes.

Ford hopes to have the Focus software released in time for the new Focus cars, which are due to be introduced in 2019.

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