How much does Israel spend on energy?

By The Jerusalem Report, July 28, 2020:The Israeli Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has released a list of the energy costs Israel consumes, according to which Israel spends about 20% of its total energy consumption on energy.

The figures were released last week.

The list shows that in 2020 Israel consumed about 4,500 megawatts of electricity, which translates to around 17.6 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy.

Of course, the amount of electricity consumed by Israel in 2020 was far lower than what was previously estimated by Israel’s Energy Ministry.

The Energy Ministry’s list is based on the total electricity consumed during the year, which is the year Israel is currently in.

The total amount of energy consumed for 2020 is 4,521 megawatts.

The ministry estimates that Israel consumed 4,502 megawatts in 2016, a figure which is less than the actual consumption.

This year’s total consumption was 4,505 megawatts, which equates to 4.9% of the total energy consumed.

The report also reveals that Israel spends approximately 6% of GDP on energy, which amounts to about 8.6 trillion shekels (about $90 billion) a year.

This is also a lot lower than the amount the Israeli government claims that it spent on energy in 2020.

The Israel-Palestine conflictThe Israeli government has made the case that the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is driven by the conflict over oil.

However, as reported in a recent piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli Energy Ministry has found that it does not use energy for its military purposes.

Instead, it uses energy to purchase gas from Gazan state-run energy company Naftali Bennett.

In its latest annual report to the Israeli parliament, the Ministry of Energy revealed that in 2017 it spent approximately 11.4 billion shekeles (about US$2.7 billion) on purchasing gas from Naftalis Bennett’s Gazan gas monopoly.

The gas monopoly is the third largest in the world after France’s Total and Germany’s Gazprom.

According to the ministry, in 2016 Israel purchased more than 1,600,000 tons of gas from the Gazan government, which amounted to around 9.3 billion shekel (about £7.2 billion).

The ministry also revealed that it sold Gazan natural gas to the European Union for around 9,200 million shekele ($1.8 billion).

This represents around 20% more than the price paid by Israel to the EU for gas.

The European Union pays Israel a fixed amount, based on its gas demand, which has been set by the European Commission.

According the ministry’s latest annual account, in 2017 Israel paid approximately 6.7 trillion shekel ($2.5 billion) for natural gas.

The data in the report also shows that Israel purchased approximately 1.2 trillion shekes ($1 billion) of natural gas from European nations in 2016.

According an article by the Times of Israel, Naftalini Bennett has argued that Israel should be allowed to export its gas to countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) because the Israeli economy is dependent on exports.

However the minister has also claimed that Gazans natural gas will become an essential commodity in the Middle East and that Israel is dependent solely on its exports.

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