How to fix Ford Focus hatchback’s fuel economy problem

When the Focus hatchbacks hit the market, Ford focused on improving the car’s fuel efficiency and improving its performance.

Those efforts eventually resulted in the first Ford Focus that has the best fuel economy among the midsize midsize cars.

The new Focus will start at $30,000 and go up to $40,000, according to Ford.

That is not quite as good as the Ford GT, which has a claimed fuel efficiency of 24.3 mpg.

But it is close enough that you can buy the Ford Focus with a full tank of gas, rather than a little more.

If you are considering the Ford Fusion, the Focus will cost around $40K.

It is an expensive car to buy, but the price can be reduced if you buy a smaller car.

You can get the Ford Explorer, which is rated at 24.5 mpg, for $30K.

If that is not enough to make you want the Focus, you can also look at the Ford Escape.

It has a similar fuel economy to the Focus but is a little smaller and costs around $20K.

This is an option for the person who wants to go more on the road, not just for the convenience of the car.

What is the best price to buy a Ford Focus?

If you want to buy the Focus with the most fuel efficiency, you will want to go with a smaller vehicle.

The Ford Focus is the most expensive midsize car, and that is the reason why the price is lower.

There are plenty of midsize vehicles available.

Ford has released several new models this year, and all of them have higher fuel economy ratings than the Ford Fusions.

The Explorer, Fusion, and Escape all come with the same fuel economy rating, so the price should be lower.

For the Focus and Fusion, you may want to look at a small car or SUV like the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Corolla.

The Odyssey and Corolla come with a slightly higher fuel efficiency rating than the Focus.

The Honda Odyssey and Accord come with an EPA-estimated 23.3-mpg combined city and highway rating, but these cars are still very good for the price.

A new Accord comes with a combined fuel efficiency rated at 25.6 mpg and 27.1 mpg combined highway.

If all of those numbers are accurate, then you can easily drive the Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey, both at the same price.

This car is rated for a combined combined fuel economy of 29.1.

The most fuel efficient Ford Focus vehicle, the 2017 Ford Fusion SE, has an EPA rating of 29 mpg city/31.5 highway.

The 2017 Ford Focus SE is rated as the fuel economy champ.

If the fuel efficiency is good, you might be able to get away with a bigger car.

The EPA-rated Toyota Corollas and Toyota Prius Hybrid are both rated at 23.1 and 22.8 mpg in combined city/26.5 and 26.3, respectively.

The Toyota Priuses Hybrid and Prius are rated at 22.5 city/23.8 highway.

Both cars have a combined EPA rating for combined city of 27.8 and 27 mpg respectively.

If your car needs more power, look at an SUV or large crossover.

The Hyundai Sonata is rated to be 26.7 mpg when combined with the Hyundai Sonatas fuel-efficient engine.

If there are only a few people in your family, the Hyundai Corolla will be a great choice.

The Corolla comes with an combined EPA-measured 25.9 mpg highway and 23.9 in combined.

The 2018 Hyundai Sonetas will come with EPA-recommended 26.5 fuel economy.

If a car has a higher EPA-rating than the car rated, the best option is probably a mid-size crossover.

Toyota has the 2017 Toyota Corax and the 2018 Toyota Tacoma with EPA rated 25.5-mpp city/29-m.5 freeway.

If fuel economy is important, you should probably get a midsize crossover.

If this is your budget car, then look at either the Honda Civic or the Mazda3.

Both the Honda and Mazda models are rated as 23.2 mpg on the combined highway and 27-m and 26-m combined.

You will need to consider a few other factors when buying a new car.

If an expensive option like a Mitsubishi Lancer is your goal, the Lancer S is the only car that will give you a good deal on fuel efficiency.

The Mitsubishis fuel economy on the highway is rated 26.9 combined city with 26.6 combined highway, which can make you wonder how much it is worth to spend on the gas tax.

If it is a low-mileage car like the Mazda6, you won’t have to worry about fuel economy much.

The Mazda6 comes with EPA combined city rating of 23.8 city/24.6 highway.

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