Anonymous attacks ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt right’ social media platforms in US

Anonymous has targeted Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and more, according to new reports from cybersecurity firms.

The attacks were not successful and the hacks were limited to the US and Germany.

Hackers targeted US companies including Twitter, which is now down to around 2.5 million users, and Facebook, which had around 300 million users at the time of the hack.

The data was released Tuesday by the cybersecurity firms FireEye and Symantec.

The groups targeted a number of US companies, including Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter announced last month that it was testing a new security measure called “Weeping Angel,” which will limit the number of accounts that can be created.

Twitter is now rolling out a new system that allows users to log out or block accounts from their phone or tablet.

It is also rolling out new features to protect users from potentially malicious posts on social media sites.

The two companies are working together to provide better tools to prevent the spread of spam and other content.

Facebook has also made some changes to its security, but it still does not fully address the issue of identity theft and the use of bots.

“In general, we’re seeing less fraud and identity theft from bots on social networks,” Facebook said in a blog post Tuesday.

“This may mean that we’re starting to see more bots using bots, but that doesn’t mean the bots aren’t using accounts.

We still have work to do in identifying and fixing this problem.”

The companies also revealed that a number different hackers have been targeted in recent weeks.

“We believe these attacks are primarily targeted at US companies and were coordinated in an effort to affect the presidential election,” Symantech said.

The group has not yet said what the attack was about, but the cyberattack appears to have been a part of the “election hacks” in 2016.

Facebook and Twitter said they are investigating the attack and are working to provide the most secure way to access their accounts.

Twitter and Microsoft are also investigating the attacks, but did not provide any additional information.

The hack appears to be connected to a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack on the social network of one of the US’ largest corporations, United Technologies.

A spokesman for the company told Business Insider that they have been in contact with law enforcement and the FBI.

Facebook said they had contacted the US Attorney General’s office and are reviewing the situation.

The companies said that the social media giants have “worked with law enforcers and FBI to understand the scope and nature of the threat.”

A number of people have been killed in attacks like this, but there is no evidence that the hackers have any connection to a specific political group or campaign.

The US government has been investigating the “alt-left” and “alt right” as a way to disrupt election systems and disrupt the voting process.

In October, FBI Director James Comey publicly acknowledged the possibility of such a campaign and called the hack an “attack on our democracy.”

“We have been working on this for some time and have made the connections we have with this particular group,” Comey said.

“And as we work to understand more about this attack, we have seen no evidence of a connection to any specific campaign.”

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