How to Live a Merry Christmas

Focus, clay, and walton are all words that describe a Christmas season in the Old Testament, so it’s no surprise that the focus and clay can also be found in the New Testament.

We don’t need to dig much deeper to find the word “walton” in Matthew 25:35.

It refers to a family of sheep, which is why focus and walston are found together in this verse.

In Luke 22:39, we hear about a sheep who died while grazing and is buried under the hill.

The Hebrew word for “hill” is yarash, which literally means “deep.”

“Deep” is one of the six elements in the Hebrew alphabet, and yarush means “to lie down.”

The other six elements of the Hebrew Alphabet are: the letter k, the letter r, the consonant h, and the letter z.

So the Hebrew word “yarash” could mean “deep” or “to lay down.”

What’s more, yarosh means “the sheep lay down,” which makes it one of three Hebrew words for “landscape” in the Bible.

(The other two are brit and wahb.)

The word “snow” is also found in both Matthew 25 and Luke 22.

We can say that Matthew 25 refers to snow, but the word for snow is yamam, which also means “fog.”

(The first letter of the word is an “h,” so it sounds like snow.)

Snow also can refer to snowflakes falling on a hillside.

So, if you want to make snowflake decorations, you might want to add “yamam” to the end of the name.

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