How to get better at online shopping with a black Focus

By the end of the month, the Black Focus will have spent $4 million on marketing and advertising to get black Americans to shop at online retailers.

The campaign has been an instant success, with Black Focus buying nearly $4.5 million worth of merchandise at retailers including Target, Amazon and Walmart.

And Black Focus’ efforts have also helped fuel the sales growth of the retailer’s online retail business, which has more than doubled in just the past year.

“Black Focus is committed to serving Black consumers with a diverse and inclusive brand,” said Black Focus CEO Mark J. Wootten in a statement.

“We’re excited to continue this work and deliver a stronger Black community experience online through Black Focus.”

While the Black focus has been successful, its efforts haven’t been without their own challenges.

The retailer has been hit with a series of legal and regulatory investigations in recent years for its handling of customers and sales.

The company has been the target of several lawsuits from various individuals, including Black Focus owners Alyssa L. and David Johnson, and former employees who accused the company of racial discrimination.

The company has also been accused of racially insensitive advertising and promotion.

In addition, Black Focus has also faced scrutiny for a number of other issues.

Earlier this year, the company was accused of using the hashtag #BlackLove to encourage Black customers to shop with them, and in 2016, Black executives reportedly used a Black Lives Matter Facebook video to encourage support for a Black student group.

The Black Focus website also is not the only online retailer with a racial focus.

Amazon’s Black Friday deal, which was launched earlier this year and is being touted as a way to get Black shoppers to shop for Black products, has also drawn criticism from the Black community for its racially insensitive marketing, as well as for the company’s poor selection of Black products.

Black Focus also has had some issues in the past with other retailers, as it has faced criticism for using racially insensitive language in its ads.

The Black Focus site has also recently been criticized for its lack of diversity in its selection of products.

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