When it comes to the new Ford Focus, the new car company is finally looking to the future: Focus RS

Ford is getting ready to unveil the next-generation Focus RS, and the first thing the new Focus owner will notice is a completely redesigned dashboard, which includes a new driver’s seat, steering wheel, and pedals.

The car will also get a new front-seat layout, including a wider seating area and a redesigned center console, which is more ergonomically balanced than previous Focus models.

The front seats, for example, will now fold inward and the center console will be more horizontal, which will make it easier to get a better look at the rear seats.

The new Focus RS will also have more power, as the Focus RS Hybrid will have more of a hybrid feel.

Focus RS is expected to start at around $42,000 in the US.

Focus S, Focus X, Focus RS3, and Focus RS4 are expected to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in late July.

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