Focus’s Focus on Focusing, Its Focus on Quality, Its New Focus Lens

Focus Focus has unveiled a new focus lens that it claims will give photographers the ability to capture sharp images even with the use of a focus ring.

The company said it has made an initial design that uses a special coating of metal and plastic, but added that the coating will be available for anyone who wants it.

It says the new lens will cost $1,500 and will ship in late October, with the first lenses available in late March.

The focus lens was designed by Focus’s design chief Chris Wysopal, who is also the head of the company’s imaging division.

He said that the focus lens is designed to capture light in a narrow range of angles, but not too close to the lens itself.

The new focus is the latest in a line of lenses aimed at taking photos that aren’t quite as sharp as other lenses, but that are better than other lenses.

Earlier this year, Focus unveiled the new Focus X2, which features a special coat that focuses light in an almost circular way.

It also includes a new zoom function that allows you to focus on your subject with a smaller field of view.

But focusing a lens is tricky and can result in blurred images, which can ruin a shot.

That’s where the new focus comes in.

The Focus X3 will use the same design as the previous focus lens, but will have a much smaller focus ring and be more compact.

The new focus will be called Focus X5 and will cost around $1.5, while the X3 lens will start at $1 and be available in early November.

Focus’s focus lens will be in a new, lightweight version called the Focus X6.

The company said the focus X6 is the world’s lightest focus lens and has been specifically designed for outdoor use.

It will be a lot cheaper than the current focus lens in the Focus S5.

Focus said the X6 will be as thin as a smartphone and can be used in any outdoor setting.

It has said that it will offer its lens in both a “premium” and “consumer” version.

The focus X5 will cost an eye-watering $3,500, while a cheaper version will be released later this year.

Focus also says the focus will have an “unmatched” focus performance and that it has the best optical quality of any Focus lens available today.

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