How to get a Ford Focus for less than $100,000

For many people, the Ford Focus is a bargain for the amount of power it delivers.

But if you’re a regular Joe who spends most of your time in the garage, you’ll find the Focus to be a bit more expensive than most people would have expected.

It’s the most powerful vehicle on the market, and the car is also one of the most expensive.

It starts at $21,856 for the base model, or $25,000 for the All-Wheel Drive version.

That price tag is significantly more than the entry-level model’s $22,724 starting price.

The price tag doesn’t even include any other extras, like the optional $2,500 automatic transmission, which allows you to adjust the engine’s speed from 0 to 100 mph in 3.6 seconds, and $2.2 million in driver assistance packages that are optional for all buyers.

You can even get the all-wheel drive version for $19,995, but for that price, you’re getting a premium luxury vehicle that has much more horsepower and more grip.

Ford’s Focus is priced a bit higher than most competitors, too, especially compared to other cars that are available today, including the Volkswagen Golf, Chevrolet Cruze, Nissan Altima, and Lexus ES 500.

The Ford Focus starts at about $22-23,000 depending on the model.

That’s still a fair price for a luxury SUV, but the price tag could make some people nervous.

The Focus is the most affordable vehicle on Ford’s 2017 lineup, with the 2017 model year starting at just $21.4 million.

The price tag does include some extras, such as the $2.,500 automatic.

Ford is giving you a choice of the all wheel drive or the all electric option for $18,995.

The All-Electric option gets you the option of a seven-speed automatic transmission or a four-speed manual.

The six-speed, six-cylinder engine will cost you just $8,695, and you can get it with a six-speaker audio system or the six-driver pod.

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