High-Focus Centers Focus on Safety and Education

Columbia County High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT-I) focuses on the development of high-intensity and physical training skills, as well as the prevention and intervention of disease.

This year’s HIT-I, held on June 7 and 8, includes the following:• The new HIT-II Training for the Health and Wellbeing of the Community.• The first of two major HIT-III Training Centers.• A training center to address the health and wellness of the community and the community at large.• Training on Health Care and Emergency Preparedness.• An opportunity for the community to get involved with the HIT-T and other local health-care organizations.• Two new high-risk clusters of low-income, homeless and mentally ill youth to meet in a new community health training center.• One new high school to serve a new high capacity population of high school students who are at-risk for health problems, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and substance abuse.• New prevention training for seniors and young adults.• Introducing a new program called the Mentor Initiative, which focuses on mentoring young people to be healthier, more productive, and less dependent on others.

The HIT-1 and HIT-2 Training Centers are located in the following locations:• Columbian High School, Columbi County, CO.• North County High School and South County High, CO • South County School District, CO• University High School in the North County area, CO and Columbians Community Health Center in the South County area.• Columbo High School & Community Center, Columbo County, Colorado.• East County High school in Columbo, CO, and the West County High in East, COThe Columbias Health Department will be hosting two new high schools and one new high readiness school in addition to the current two high schools, one high school in North County, one in South County, and one in East County.

The new high ready schools and the new high high school will serve a different population and are designed to better serve the needs of our community.

The South County Health Department is also working with the West Coaster Regional School District and the University of Colorado to create a new low risk cluster of students to meet the needs.

The North County Health Dept will be supporting the new health center in the West.

The South County schools, in addition, will be expanding their health center, including a new wellness center for the high school student population.

The health center will also include health clinics for youth who are attending high schools.

The health center also will serve students and adults in need of treatment for mental illness, substance abuse and other mental health problems.

The high readiness center will offer prevention training to high school and college students who have received special needs training, including high school seniors, college students and people with disabilities.

The new high centers will offer a more diverse mix of youth with varying levels of health needs.

As of this week, the schools are planning to open the new centers in two of the districts high schools in the city of Boulder, one at North County Elementary School and one at Columbo Elementary School.

These new centers will serve the community that Columbiacounty is a part of, including the Columbo district, North County district and the South Counties district.

The Columbo Health Department expects to have the two new health centers operational by early 2018.

The department is working with community groups to determine the location of the new facilities and provide the support needed to build a high-performance health care system that serves the community.

Columbicounty County has a long history of providing health care to people of color, including through the South Coaster region, which provides health care and health services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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