Ford Focus Price Drops as Focus Price Stays High as Industry Hits Record High

Ford has dropped the price of its Focus, while the Ford Focus SUV continues to slide below its $19,000 MSRP.

The Focus will now start at $19.99 in the U.S. from the Ford dealer in the first quarter of 2019, down from $21,999 in 2018, according to AutoTrader.

The Ford Focus has lost the lead over the Jeep Wrangler and Chevy Silverado pickup in the new Jeep Wranglers market.

It currently sits at the #1 spot in the top three SUVs in terms of sales and is poised to overtake the Chevrolet Silverado at #3.

The new Focus has gained a new lead in the Ford lineup.

Its sales rose to over 17,000 units in the second quarter of 2018, up from 8,400 units the previous quarter, according the automaker.

Ford also announced a new line of trucks that will replace its older model truck lineup, with the Focus pickup and the Xpress SUV.

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