What we know about the Focus PH-X and the new Focus S

Ford Focus PHX vs. Focus S: Price, specs, features article FordFocus.com: The Focus PH and the Focus S are two different cars.

The Focus S is a new sports sedan that we are seeing on dealer lots right now, and the PHX is a more affordable alternative to the Focus, which has become a staple in the lineup.

Both cars will feature a new design and a higher level of performance, with the Focus taking a few steps in the right direction.

Ford has also improved the interior of both cars, with a more comfortable seat and more modern instrumentation.

We will be testing the Focus at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, so stay tuned for that.

The Focus PH has been a long time coming, and Ford is hoping to finally get it into the hands of people who have never owned a Focus before.

It’s a small change for Ford to make, but it’s one that makes a huge difference.

The PHX’s new design is one of the most impressive new pieces of tech Ford has ever put into a vehicle.

The body looks like a cross between a sports sedan and a crossover, with more of a sporty look than the other two models.

There’s also a small rear spoiler that’s actually a spoiler, which makes it look like it’s in a car.

The car’s design is still somewhat conventional, but the Focus’s styling is much more daring.

The new design looks much more sporty, with slightly more angular styling.

The other new feature is a pair of new LED headlights.

Both the Focus and the phX are getting a larger LED spotlight that’s brighter than the standard headlights, but not as bright as the Focus LED headlights from 2015.

Instead, the Focus has a bright, square light source that appears to have a much higher output than the Focus LEDs from last year.

That’s great for drivers, who will see their headlights shine brighter than before.

The headlights also get new fog lights that are brighter and more powerful than before, and there are also new rear-facing mirrors that are more prominent.

Both the Focus phX and Focus PH have a new color scheme.

The phX gets a dark blue and a more subdued red, while the Focus gets a darker gray and a blue that’s similar to the previous year’s PHX.

The new Focus features a number of new features that are a nice change of pace from the phx.

The PHX has some nice new features like the rear wing that’s much wider than the previous PHX, and an active rear parking brake system that helps keep the Focus from skidding down the road.

The rear-mounted seats are much better, and it gets a new fog light, as well as an electric driver’s side mirror.

The steering wheel now has an analog analog stick that allows you to adjust the throttle position while driving.

The second big change for the Focus is the inclusion of a 7-inch touchscreen, but there’s more to the new feature than just a screen.

There are also a number more features that make the new car more capable than ever before, including a 7.5-inch display and a new 10-speaker audio system.

We’ve already tested the new speaker system on a 2015 Focus, and we can attest that it’s incredibly clear.

The audio system is much improved over the phis previous speaker system, and this new system delivers better sound quality than the old system.

Ford says that the new system has a new “in-car audio technology that is not only superior to the Phones, but also to the current speakers of the past.

The sound system is capable of delivering the best sound in the industry.”

In addition to the navigation system, the new phx also gets a rearview camera.

It can take pictures at night, which is nice, and you can take up to three shots at once.

The camera also has a “smart zoom” feature, which lets you zoom in and out on the screen as you drive, so you don’t have to look at the road for long.

Ford also added a number new features, including new driver aids and more efficient adaptive cruise control.

The phx has some new features as well.

First up is the addition of a rear parking sensor, which helps make the Focus easier to park.

It will automatically detect a driver in front of it, and then automatically adjust its speed to let the driver know it’s safe to overtake.

In addition to that, Ford says the new navigation system will help with driving when you’re trying to make a left turn.

Ford’s also adding a new adaptive cruise feature that can take over in case you forget your speed, and can even switch from cruise control to adaptive cruise when you get stuck in traffic.

Ford is also adding more features like an automatic rear parking camera, and a smart cruise control that can automatically adjust the speed to keep you on the road as long as you’re in the lane.There

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