How the #STAO earthquake affected a Florida hospital

A major earthquake rattled parts of Florida, but the biggest impact was felt in Weston, a small town about a mile from Orlando.

The Florida Department of Health said three people died and dozens were injured after a magnitude-7.0 quake rocked the town of Weston on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities said the death toll rose to seven.

The county sheriff said there were two confirmed deaths, one of whom was critically injured.

The hospital emergency room treated 13 people.

The Florida Department for Health said in a statement that its emergency room saw 13 patients who had been struck by a tremor.

“It was devastating.

The number of people that were injured and killed in this event is truly devastating,” said Stacey Tully, deputy director of the Florida Department and Emergency Management Agency.

“This was a horrific event and we will be working with local and federal partners to ensure that everyone is treated and cared for during this difficult time.”

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